How The Presentation of Your Property Effects Your Bottom Line



Did you know that a well presented property will achieve a significantly better return on investment?






  • You can achieve a higher rental return
  • You will attract better tenants who will look after your property
  • Your tenants are more like to renew because they won’t be looking for something ‘better’
  • Vacant or Tenanted, your property will always be ready to sell



If you were a tenant, would you prefer a home that has marks all over the walls, stains in the carpet and outdated window furnishings or a home with fresh paint, new carpets and window furnishings that match your modern furniture?

We know what we would choose!

Presenting your investment property well, costs little but has a big impact to your bottom line.


How to Present Your Home Without Over Capitalising?


If you haven’t already seen the famous Australian TV series, Selling Houses Australia, there are a lot of cost effective ways you can improve the presentation of your property without doing a full renovation.


A few of these cost effective methods are:


  • A fresh coat of paint in a modern colour scheme
  • Replacing carpets
  • Updating window furnishings
  • Replacing old cupboard and door handles with modern stainless steel fittings
  • Replacing old white appliances with new stainless steel
  • Ensure the garden is low maintenance and has flora that will survive the tropical weather including drought for the periods where rain is scarce




How Often Should You Refurbish Your Property?


There is no exact answer to this however the general rule of thumb is every 3-5 years depending on when your tenants change over.

It may seem like an over kill however especially with things like painting, the longer you leave it, the more coats you need to do. More coats of paint means more materials and labour. If you’re keeping this up regularly, unless you’re doing a colour change, you can get away with just doing 1 coat!

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How The Presentation of Your Property Effects Your Bottom Line