Why Having the Right Landlords Insurance Will Save You Thousands


Landlords Insurance IS NOT Home and Contents Insurance and most Home and Contents Insurance Policies DO NOT have adequate landlord insurance coverage. This means they will not cover you sufficiently for lost rent or damage caused by your tenant.

Whilst most tenants (if selected well) will look after your property and will pay their rent on time, things can go wrong even without bad intent from your tenant.

For example, your tenant has just lost their job and can no longer afford to pay their rent OR they’ve accidentally damaged something in your property and can’t afford to pay for the repair.

This is exactly what Landlords Insurance covers you for.

The list of items you should have coverage for is:

  • Loss of Rental Income – Protection from loss of rental income as a result of scenarios.


  • Contents – Protects those furnishings you forget, like curtains, carpets, blinds and light fittings.


  • Building – Protects your building against loss or damage caused by your tenants, their family or their invited guests.

There are a lot of different insurance agencies and banks offering ‘Landlords Insurance’ policies to owners however, from experience we have found that when it comes time to make a claim there are many clauses in their policies that can prevent you from getting all of your money back or even worse, can prevent you from making a claim at all.

We only recommend Terri Scheer for landlords insurance. From experience, we have found that they have always provided our owners with the best level of cover.

To make things easy, we have broken down an example claim below and have compared the 2 policies:


The cost difference in policies is quite minimal however as you can see from the example claims, the coverage you have makes a huge difference in the event you need to make a claim.


That’s why having the ‘right’ landlords insurance can save you thousands!






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Why Having the Right Landlords Insurance Will Save You Thousands