Why Routine Inspections Are So Important



The purpose of conducting Routine Inspections on your property is to ensure the tenants are maintaining the obligations of their lease with regards to looking after the property, keeping it clean and well maintained. Without Routine Inspections, you’re very much in the dark and this could be costing you a fortune!




Just like when you’re performing well at your job, you would expect a little thank you and some appreciation from your employer. When your good work goes unnoticed, it affects your attitude to doing a good job in a very negative way.


We have found that the same thing can happen with your tenants. Many property managers claim to do inspections however often times, they don’t do them at all OR when they are conducted they leave only negative or no feedback for your tenant.


If your tenant is excellent and they’re looking after your property a simple thank you will go a long way!


Whenever we conduct routine inspections if it is a good inspection we leave a personal handwritten thank you note and a small gift for your tenant as a token of our appreciation.





If your tenant is not holding up their end of the bargain, if managed well, this can be a really good opportunity to educate your tenant on how they should be looking after your property.


If your tenant is not willing to comply, whilst not ideal, early detection can actually be a blessing in disguise.


We find, that this allows us to not only keep a closer eye on your tenant but we can also start preparing NOW to remove your tenant at the end of their lease so we can minimise any additional wear and tear to your home and also find a better tenant to replace them.





If you have employed a professional property management service, unless you have specified otherwise, you SHOULD be receiving regular routine inspection reports on your property.


In this day and age, you SHOULD receive not only a report but also photos EVERY room and area in your property (preferably date and time stamped photos so you can reference exactly when they were taken). Photographic reports are easy to do and make your life easier because you can physically see your property giving you peace of mind, but you will also know exactly how your tenant is keeping the property.

Your property manager should be working for you and part of the job is keeping you informed about your investment property so you have peace of mind and Routine Inspections are a key process to giving you what you pay for.




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Why Routine Inspections Are So Important