How To Get Your Property 'Ready' For Cyclone Season

Due to the warm and tropical weather in Townsville, we’re very prone to being the target of Cyclones and they traditionally occur between November and March.


We know there are many warnings issued that do no eventuate into a full on cyclone however, you’re much better safe than sorry! It’s also not an expensive exercise to get prepared and your property manager can coordinate any works you want to undertake.


What We Recommend – Better Safe Than Sorry!


Roof Inspections

We recommend hiring a tradesman to get up on your roof and inspect the roof to ensure it is stable and is not likely to leak in the event of heavy rainfall or be blown away in heavy winds.


Gutter Cleaning

Whilst having your roof inspected, a tradesman can also clean your gutters or leaves and debris. In the event of heavy rain, clean gutters will allow rainfall to flow easily off the roof and down stormwater pipes. This will stop the water from being trapped and running back inside your house.


Trees and Overhanging Branches

During strong winds, tree branches can break away and end up crashing into your property causing major damage. If close, they can also fall onto power lines causing them fall which is not only a safety risk but will also leave your tenants without power.

Dry/rotted trees are very fragile and can also become a victim in strong winds.

We recommend removing and rotted trees and cutting back and branches that are close to your property or power lines.

Loose Objects

If you have a lot of loose objects lying around your property, these can also cause significant damage during strong winds as they are likely to be picked up by the wind and crash into your property or someone else’s. If you have loose items lying around, it’s a good idea to tie them down or store them away safely to prevent any damage.

If your property is rented, then your property manager should also be advising your tenants to do the same.



Having the Right Home Insurance

Before cyclone season, it’s always a good idea to get in contact with your house insurance provider to ensure they will cover you in the event of a cyclone or natural disaster. The last thing you want to find out after your house has been damaged is that it is not covered by insurance.

If you find that you do not have the adequate insurance in place for these types of events, this is a good opportunity to update/change your insurance before you need it.


Being prepared for a cyclone will not only prevent extensive damage to your home but it may also allow you to continue collecting rental income if a cyclone or severe storm was to occur. If you have a tenant in your property and the property becomes ‘unliveable’, your tenants will need to move or stay somewhere else and you won’t be able to collect rent during this period leaving you out of pocket.


Make sure your property is prepared for cyclone season as it may just save your investment and your income.



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How To Get Your Property 'Ready' For Cyclone Season