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Is Your Tenants Lease Coming Up for Renewal?

March 20, 2019


      I have recently received a lot of enquiries from owner whose properties are being managed by another property management agency in Townsville and their tenants lease is coming up for renewal. The reason they have contacted me is because they have been told by their property manager that the market conditions have […]


Discover How the Wrong Tenant Can Cost You A Fortune

December 10, 2018

Bad Tenants Blog

We know how tempting it can be but the above scenario will only end up costing you a fortune and we know from experience that it’s just not worth the risk as once you have signed a lease with a tenant, it is VERY difficult to evict them if things are not going smoothly.


Exciting News for Townsville Investors!

November 28, 2018


Are you thinking about renting out your property but have been scared with reports of the Townsville Vacancy Rate Skyrocketing?


How To Get Your Property 'Ready' For Cyclone Season

November 7, 2018


Due to the warm and tropical weather in Townsville, we’re very prone to being the target of Cyclones and they traditionally occur between November and March.


How to Prepare Your Property for Rent

October 31, 2018


      So you’re moving town or have bought another property and it’s just not the right time to sell so you’re going to rent your house out…… OMG!   You don’t know what to do, how it all works and have no idea how to prepare your home for rent?   We know […]

5 Easy Ways to Attract Good Quality Tenants

October 13, 2018


  We know that ALL Landlords want good quality tenants, who wouldn’t? They pay their rent on time, they look after your investment property and they’re easy to deal with which means, you get more free time to enjoy your life, stress-free without having to worry about your tenants. However, it is NOT just being […]


Learn How To Budget For An Investment Property

July 21, 2018


Thinking of up-sizing, making a lifestyle change or purchasing an investment property but don’t know if you can afford it?


The Secret to Renting a Vacant Property in a Difficult Market

July 20, 2018


Because we’re experts, we want to share with you our 4 secrets to getting your property rented in a difficult market for the best price, to the best tenant in the shortest possible time.


Why Routine Inspections Are So Important

May 27, 2018


The purpose of conducting Routine Inspections on your property is to ensure the tenant are maintaining their obligations of their lease to looking after the property, keeping it clean and well maintained so without them, you’re very much in the dark and this could be costing you money!


Why Having the Right Landlords Insurance Will Save You Thousands

May 25, 2018


Landlords Insurance IS NOT Home and Contents Insurance and most Home and Contents Insurance Policies DO NOT have adequate landlord insurance coverage which means they will not cover you for lost rent or damage caused by your tenant.

Pets - Should You Or Shouldn't You?

November 29, 2017


We often get asked by landlords about whether we think they should accept pets on their property and the answer to this questions is always, how is this likely to affect your return on investment?

How The Presentation of Your Property Effects Your Bottom Line

November 29, 2017


Did you know that a well presented property will achieve a significantly better return on investment?

How To Choose The Right Property Manager For YOU

November 29, 2017


You might be frustrated with your existing agent and looking for a change OR you’re renting your property out for the first time and you need to choose a Property Manager… either way, how do you know who is right for you?

The Top 8 Features Tenants Seek Out In Rental Properties!

June 26, 2017


Are you thinking of renovating soon or just curious as to what tenants are looking for in this day and age?