At Excellence Property Management, we employ Excellent People to manage Excellent Properties, for Excellent Owners and seek Excellent Tenants to ensure your property receives the best return it possibly can. We call this, The Excellence Method and this ethos guides all processes and relationships within our system of Property Management.


Our Purpose

We believe we should provide ‘Excellent Landlords’ the choice of excellent service.

‘Good’ is not good enough.

We believe we should provide ‘Excellent People’ with limitless opportunities in an environment free from unacceptable culture.

In order to fulfil our purpose, we must have strict selection criteria for our Excellent People and once we have them, provide them with the systems, training, coaching and support they need to deliver on the promises we make to our owners. We believe our people are our most important asset because of our people and the ones who take care of our customers.


What is an Excellent Person?

The reason our company exists is because we believe that if you’re a landlord, you should be given the choice of Excellent Service in an industry where there is little to no accountability to the advice and service you receive, and this starts with our people. We believe our people are our most important asset and Excellent People should be rewarded with limitless career opportunity in an environment free from unacceptable culture. This means they must possess the right skill set to deliver on our promises to you.


Guidelines for an Excellent People

– People who share a passion for our purpose and vision
– People who share the same belief in our core values
– People who aspire to be the best they can be and are willing to continue improving and increasing their skills
– People who embrace challenge and change
– People who are willing to complete their Full Real Estate License (yes, even our administration staff)


Our Values


In everything we do, we must strive for excellence.

We must strive to be an expert at what we do and give expert advice.

We must always do what we say we’re going to do, no excuses.

We must take ownership and responsibility for ourselves & what we do.

We must have our teams and owners trust and be willing to trust our team in return.

First We must put our team’s interests ahead of our own.

Team Work
In order to achieve our purpose and goals, we must be on the same page

Limitless Opportunity
We must provide our people with Limitless Opportunity in their Property Management Career.

Thought Leadership
Our leaders will practice thought leadership and will aim to inspire others to be Excellent.

We must remember to have fun and celebrate success!

We must have the capability to understand where others are coming from and have empathy.

Innovative We must always be innovative in our approach.

We must be honest with our team and expect the same in return.


Interested in an Excellent Career?

If you think you have the qualities of an Excellent Person, are passionate about a Career in Property Management, are prepared to work hard for rewards and are seeking an environment with limitless opportunity, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.