At Excellence Property Management, we employ Excellent People to manage Excellent Properties, for Excellent Owners and seek Excellent Tenants to ensure your property receives the best return it possibly can. We call this, The Excellence Method and this ethos guide all processes and relationships within our system of Property Management.  We know that Excellent Tenants are a huge asset to our owners but also to us as your agent as well.

That’s why when we get Excellent Tenants, we want to give you the best service you have ever experienced when renting a property. If you’re happy, so are our owners and so are we!


What is an Excellent Tenant?
  • Tenants who have realistic expectations of you as the owner
  • Tenants who respect us as their property manager, the property and you as the owner
  • Tenants who pay their rent on time
  • Tenants who look after your property, have it well presented for inspection and report the required
  • maintenance to us through our online maintenance system
    Tenants who are willing to self-help when required (for example troubleshooting maintenance before expecting a tradesman to attend at your cost)
Why Rent with Excellence Property Management?
  • Whenever you contact us, we will respond within 1 business day – we won’t keep you waiting
  • We will provide you with a clean and well-maintained property to live in
  • We will ensure any maintenance is attended to in a timely manner
  • Our staff are experts and will ensure they give you the best experience possible
  • If we reach a point of conflict with you, we will seek to understand where you’re coming from and provide you with the best possible outcome that is in line with our owner’s expectations
  • We will reward you with gifts and vouchers when you have a good routine inspection or sign a lease with us!
    As long as you remain excellent, we will provide you with a glowing reference when you leave if required


Whilst we want to give you the best possible experience, we can only do this if you behave like an Excellent Tenant would because at the end of the day, we have a job to do for our owners.

Our promise to you is that so long as you are an Excellent Tenant, we will provide you with Excellent Service.