Because we want to provide you with Excellent service and advice, we believe it’s our job not only to advise you on potential risks, but also to help you reduce risks wherever possible.

That’s why we strongly believe that Terri Scheer will provide you with the best cover possible!

What is Landlords Insurance?
Landlords Insurance IS NOT Home and Contents Insurance and most Home and Contents Insurance Policies DO NOT have adequate landlord insurance coverage which means they will not cover you for lost rent or damage caused by your tenant.

Whilst most tenants will look after your property and will pay their rent on times things can wrong even without bad intent from your tenant.

For example, your tenant has just lost their job and can no longer afford to pay their rent OR they’ve accidently damaged something in your property and can’t afford to pay for the repair.

This is exactly what Landlords Insurance covers you for.

The list of coverage with Terri Scheer is as follows:

Loss of Rental Income – Protection from loss of rental income as a result of scenarios.

Contents – Protects those furnishings you forget, like curtains, carpets, blinds and light fittings.

Building – Protects your building against loss or damage caused by your tenants, their family or their invited guests.

For more information on what is covered under a Terri Scheer Policy, click here.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Any Insurer?
The reason we ONLY recommend Terri Scheer is because not all landlord insurance policies are provided by Landlord Insurance Specialists.

This means, a policy recommended by just any insurer will most likely have exclusions which prevent you from claiming should an event occur. To make things easy, we have broken down an example claim below and have compared the 2 policies:

Scenario: The tenant abandoned the property and the bond covered cleaning and repairs however, there was 28 days of lost rent unpaid and no bond left to cover this. (Remember, rental bonds in Queensland can only be a maximum 4 weeks rent).

Lost Rent: $1800


Excess: $0

Waiting Period or Time Not Covered: NIL

Policy Assumptions: NIL

(ie: some policies assume the full bond can be used for rent and this is deducted from the total claim regardless of what the bond was spent on).

Total Rent Paid Back to Landlord = $1800


Excess: $1000

Waiting Period or Time Not Covered: 30 Days

Policy Assumptions: The full bond can be used towards rent and this amount is deducted from the policy.

Total Rent Paid Back to Landlord = $0 – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

If you would like more information on Terri Scheer, please contact us or Terri Scheer on 1800 804 016 or click here!