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Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

Call us on:

(07) 4408 8062

Alternatively, request a call back from our property management team

Meet our team

We actively cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion amongst our workforce, as we firmly believe that different life and professional experiences are a key ingredient to our business’s success.

Our people are our most important asset and excellent people should be rewarded with limitless career opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage all of our team to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit and owner mindset.

Guidelines for excellent people:

  • People who share a passion for our purpose and vision
  • People who share the same belief in our core values
  • People who aspire to be the best they can and are willing to continue improving and increasing their skills
  • People who embrace challenge and change

To see our guidelines for excellent owners, tenants and properties, check out the Why choose us? page.

elley in a black dress looking at the camera with a smile

Elley Hudson

Elley has built her career in the Property Management Industry from the bottom up. Now with 12 years’ experience, Elley first started as a receptionist when she was only 17 years old. She has developed and managed Property Management Agencies in Townsville and Brisbane and has made the final leap in her career which is to have an agency of her own – Excellence Property Management.

After years of frustration with how poorly Property Management agencies were managed, staff were not trained properly which resulted in a lack of service and loss of income for owners, Elley decided it was time to take a stand and start actually providing a professional service to owners which many agencies claim to do, but don’t actually follow through.

By developing the Excellence Method, Elley has been able to create a fool proof system where she combines the Excellence method and systems, with excellent people who are trained and educated in the industry to ensure owners only receive accurate, timely and genuine service.

Born and raised in North West Queensland, Elley’s down to earth nature allows her to effectively maintain great relationships with people and believes they should be treated like people and not just another number.

Photo coming soon

Jess Coates


Bio to come. 

ashlee in black outfit looking at the camera with a smile

Ashlee Sullivan
Owner Team

Ashlee is ultra-reliable and trustworthy. Everyone knows she will do anything you ask of her efficiently and to a high quality standard. 

Ashlee started as our receptionist and is now part of the owner team. Her aspiration is to be crossed trained in everything so she can help out with every part of the business. Her longer term career goal is to be a senior property manager and be able to train others into the culture and systems that she loves.

Ashlee loves the challenges and limitless opportunities that Excellence Property Management provides her.

Ashlee enjoys the space, weather and beauty of Townsville. She lives here with her partner Mitch and their dog Jet. Ashlee has a big heart for people and animals. She is a foster parent for dogs. Ashlee and her family love getting outdoors fishing and going on adventures. Ashlee is also a sports fan. In particular she loves football and netball. 

georgia in black shirt looking at the camera with a smile

Georgia Spina
Tenant Team Leader

Georgia has a magnetic personality. She is bubbly, personable, outgoing and very kind. Owner’s, tenants and her whole team just love her.

Georgia brings with her a lot of very useful experience. She has strong customer service skills gained from her time in retail. Helping people is very near to Georgia’s heart. She spends a lot of time volunteering for her church. In this community she is a leader for the younger people and always ready to help with community events and to lend an empathetic ear to any who needs it.

Georgia’s hobbies are hiking, anything outdoors, reading and skating with her dog Willow. Her values are Integrity, honesty,and being dependable.

At Excellence we are lucky to have this Townsville local on our team.


dani in a black shirt looking at the camera with a smile

Dani Cuppleditch
Tenant Team

Dani loves the team culture, that the systems and procedures support great service and transparency. In particular Dani loves the way she gets to onboard tenants very efficiently and in a way that supports an ongoing, positive customer relationship.

Dani grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Her first visit to Australia was in 2012 where she got to see a lot of the country. She loved the diversity in culture and landscape. Dani and her partner have come back to Australia to make it their home. This is where she wants to put down roots.

Dani has an entrepreneurial spirit and for a time in Dani created her own bespoke jewellery business that showcased her creativity and business skills.

Dani is a credit to our team because she has the ability to stay calm no matter what is thrown her way. Dani is trustworthy, reliable and self assured. Her personal mantras are ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘a balance of work, rest and play is the formula to a fantastic life!’.



olivia in black outfit looking at the camera with a smile

Olivia Chadwick
Property Manager Assistant

Olivia is our youngest team member, she is an old soul with so much life experience for her age. Olivia lived out of home and supported herself through her final year of high school. She worked hard and passed with flying colours and other accolades such as being the NQ basketball captain and completing 3 certificates in addition to the usual year 12 curricula.

Olivia brings a go getter attitude. She loves the satisfaction of working hard to get what you want. Her idol is Tim Tzyu, a young boxer who started at 14 who always works really hard and at 20 has had major success in his sport.

Olivia finds it very rewarding to match excellent tenants to our properties making both the owner and the new tenant very happy.

Olivia would like to move up the ranks in property management and perhaps one day move to a big city to live and work. She is Townsville born and raised.

Kristina Hampson


Bio to come.

Jordan McSweeney
Marketing Manager

After finishing high school, Jordan left Townsville to attend the University of Canberra for three years to obtain a Bachelor of Journalism. Upon graduating, he decided to move back home to be closer to the family and friends he missed so much. For a while, Jordan had trouble finding a job that allowed him to use the skills he had learnt at University but all of that changed in 2021 when he found Excellence Property Management. 

Now, Jordan is the manager of our marketing department and gets to use his writing and communication talents, knowledge of media production and his attention to detail to publish all kinds of engaging and relevant content for our online platforms.  

Away from work, Jordan is a big sports fan. He loves the North Queensland Cowboys and the West Coast Eagles and enjoys cheering them on whenever he can. He also loves reading, going to the movies and hanging out with his friends as much as possible.