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Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

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Alternatively, request a call back from our property management team

Rental payments and arrears

Rental payments in advance?

If you’re a tenant renting a residential property through Excellence Property Management, then we kindly ask you to avoid unpaid rent. This can be achieved if you pay your rent in advance. Whilst we cannot force you to pay your rental payments in advance, we can definitely reassure you that by following this advice, you’ll be making it easier for us and better for yourself in the weeks to come.

This is because, due to our obligation to support our owners, we cannot accept tenants who aren’t paying, behind in rent and falling into arrears. Owners have bills they need to attend to just like you. Paying off their mortgage repayment to support their investment is evidence of this.

If an owner falls behind in their mortgage repayments because of a tenant and their unpaid rent, they will be heavily penalised. They will then be very concerned with the tenancy and give some serious thought as to whether they want us to start handing out notices to vacate.

There are many benefits a residential tenant can get from paying rent in advance.

For example…

A couple that is relaxed as they have their rental payments in advance
  • The owner will love that the tenant is on the same page as them and that a vacate or a search for a new tenant won’t be necessary.
  • The owner will be more inclined to maintain and upgrade the property and could even give the tenant discounted rent increases.
  • The tenant won’t fall into arrears if their income takes an unforeseen financial hardship which prevents them from paying on time.
  • The tenant will find it easier to be accepted into other rental properties in the future because they’ll have an impressive rental history.
  • If the tenant needs to lend money or take out a loan from a financial institution, they will have a much stronger application.
  • The tenant will be at less risk of receiving a breach or eviction notice if, for some reason, they cannot pay the rent when they normally would.
  • The tenant won’t need to resolve any debt disputes through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

How to pay rent

To make sure tenants have the support they need to have their rent paid on time and in advance, we want to make sure the process is as easy as possible. As an added bonus, we won’t require you to pay any additional transaction fees!

You can pay your rent in two ways:

BPAY – This can be done using internet online banking.

BPAY card – You can request a BPAY card from us which will allow you to pay over the counter at any Australia Post Office.

By using the BPAY process, tenants will have their own personal reference number which removes any confusion for incoming transactions, and who has paid them.

The best way for tenants to pay their rental payments and keep them coming to us on time, every time, is to set up a recurring BPAY payment using online banking. This way the money will automatically be deducted as soon as possible on the correct date and you won’t have to remember when the rent needs to be paid, thus avoiding any danger of non payment.

What happens if your rent is not in advance?

If you don’t pay your rent in advance for 4 days or more, we will then search up your number so we can get into contact with you to give advice and support on how to not let your rent fall into arrears.

You will receive both an email and SMS notice making you aware of the date that the next payment is due. It will also ask you to contact us if you’re unable to pay your rent by that date.

If you receive this message and are unable to pay straight away, please make sure you attend our office to inform us or search our contact details online for another way to get in touch. Do this before the date your rent falls into arrears as a non payment of rent could lead to a vacate and impact your rental and financial history in a very negative way.

Man sad because he missed a rental payment

What happens if your rent falls into arrears?

As explained earlier, we have an obligation to the owner of your property to ensure they receive their rent on time. If tenants fall behind in their rental payments because of a non payment, it is considered a serious breach of the rules of the tenancy and we must treat it as such.

That’s why our advice is to never fall behind on your rent. Even if your rent is in arrears by a period of 1 day, we will call, email and SMS you daily. We will do this until we have been able to rectify the situation and get your rent paid back up to date and in advance.

If you do not rectify your rental payments and you end up falling behind on your rent by a period of 7 days, we will have no other choice than to begin the eviction process as soon as possible in order to vacate the property.

If you do not rectify this breach by making sure the rent is paid OR you receive 2 or more of these within a 12 month period of time, we will terminate your tenancy and you will be evicted from the property.

We don’t want to have to harass you with notices or vacate you from the property so please make sure you have no unpaid rent and pay the rent in advance so everyone can be happy. Like they say, it pays to plan ahead, which is why we politely suggest that you make it your number one priority to always be aware of the date so you never have any rent owing.