Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

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(07) 4408 8062

Alternatively, request a call back from our property management team

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

Call us on:

(07) 4408 8062

Alternatively, request a call back from our property management team

Routine inspections

Routine inspections will be carried out approximately every 3 – 6 months. You will be provided a minimum of 7 days’ notice in writing (via email) in accordance with the residential tenancies act.

The purpose of us conducting a routine inspection is to check that you’re upholding your obligations of an excellent tenant. This means keeping the property clean and well maintained. This information is reported  back to the owner.

Here is what you need to know about routine inspections;

Can I report maintenance at routine inspections?

It is VERY important you understand, your routine inspection is NOT a maintenance audit and we are not there to report any maintenance requests. If you have any maintenance that needs to be attended to, please ensure this is reported through our online maintenance request form. Do this prior to your routine inspection being conducted.

If we attend and we notice maintenance that has not been reported by you, will have to assume that you have caused the damage. To avoid any confusion or unnecessary breaches, please make sure you report the maintenance before your routine inspection is conducted.

How do we report back to your owner?

We have an obligation to your owner to report back to them how you’re keeping and maintaining the property.

We do this by completing a full photographic report which includes photographs and comments of every room.

Please ensure that we are able to access all rooms for your routine inspection. If we are unable to gain access to every room, we will be required to reschedule your routine inspection.

As the owners pay us to conduct your routine inspection, if this is the case, you may be required to pay the fee on behalf of the owner if you’re at fault. This fee is currently $60 + GST.

What do I do with my pets?

We love that in some cases, we’re able to rent to you and your pets. Sometimes pets can be territorial and don’t like it when we attempt to enter your property.

If you are renting with pets (mainly dogs), please ensure your pet is secured so your property manager may freely access the property. If we’re unable to access the property because you have not secured your pet, please understand, you may be charged the fee the owner would incur for us having to reschedule. This fee is currently $60 + GST.

A dog at a routine inspections

Will I be marked?

How you keep and maintain the property will be a factor when it comes time for the owner to spend money on maintaining and upgrading the property for you. Also, whether or not they decide to renew your lease.

As an excellent tenant, we expect that you present the house well for your routine inspections. Keep in mind, sometimes the owner may even come through the property with us so it’s imperative that you present the home accordingly.

While conducting your routine inspection, we will mark you on the following criteria:

Excellent – The property is clean and tidy and the tenants have made every effort to ensure the property is presenting the best it possibly could.

Satisfactory – We can see that you have made an effort in presenting the property for your routine, however, there are areas you could improve. We have left specific feedback on these items for you.

Unsatisfactory – During your inspection we have found that you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, therefore we will be in touch as to what you need to do to rectify this.

We want you to have an excellent inspection every time so if you do, we will, of course, leave you some gifts to say thank you!

Can I change the date and time of my inspection?

As mentioned earlier, we will provide you with a minimum, 7 days’ notice in writing of the date and time block we will be attending your property.

You do not have to be present for your routine inspection. We have a set of keys for your property that we will use to gain access if you’re not home.

When conducting your routine, we will also inspect any other properties we manage that are close to your home. This means we cannot change the date and time selected to conduct your routine inspection.

If you MUST be present for your inspection but cannot be home at the time we have advised, you can request a customised inspection just for you. Be aware you may be charged the fee the owner would incur for us having to reschedule. This fee is currently $60 + GST.