We know that at some point, all great relationships must come to an end and for our tenants, this happens when you vacate your property. Moving home can be VERY stressful so we want to do everything we can to ensure our relationship with you does not turn sour.

Please work with us by following these instructions and help us get your vacate finalised and your bond back to you within 7 business days of you handing in your keys!

There are 5 simple steps to follow when you’re vacating your property.


Step 1: Completing Your Vacate Documentation

There are 3 forms you need to submit when vacating a property, these are:

Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave
Form 4 – Refund of Rental Bond Form


Vacating Tenant Instructions

Remember, you MUST give a minimum 14 days’ notice in writing by supplying a Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave form even if you’re vacating at the end of your lease. This is a legal requirement under the Residential Tenancies Act. If you do not provide a minimum of 14 day’s day notice, you will be charged rent until the appropriate notice period has been supplied.

If you have a fixed term lease in place, you must still pay rent up to and including the end of your lease, regardless of when you hand back your keys, unless you’re ending your tenancy agreement early.


Step 2: Getting Everything Organised

Your requirement when you vacate is to return the property in the same condition it was when you moved in except for fair wear and tear.

Please understand, if you hand back your property and it is not in the required condition, the owner will charge you rent until everything has been completed so you will save money by being organised and getting help.

This means you will need to engage professional services to help get all of this done. We recommended booking everything in at least 1 month before you leave just in case contractors are booked out.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our preferred cleaners and trades contact details are listed closer to the bottom of the page.


Entry Condition Report:

Your entry condition report would have been given to you at the beginning of your tenancy and you would have been provided with an opportunity to fill this in, with your own comments.

This report is used as a reference when you vacate. Therefore, is there is an issue with the property but it is not listed on your entry condition report, unfortunately, we have to hold you responsible for the damage.

If you need a copy of this report, please contact us.



While you do not have to engage professional cleaners, we strongly recommend you do engage our preferred cleaners, so that you can get your bond back within 7 business days of handing in the keys.

Why? By using our preferred cleaners, we guarantee if any cleaning is missed, we will still refund your bond and will hold the cleaners accountable on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about it.

DO NOT use just any cleaner. If we have not recommended a cleaner to you, there may be a good reason why we haven’t. Not all cleaners are able to produce a full bond clean to the required standard (clean = when it cannot be made any more clean than its current state). Using just any cleaner will cost you time and money as we cannot guarantee their work.

See below for our preferred cleaners details.


Carpet and Curtain Cleaning:

If your property has carpets, curtains or fabric blinds, you will need to have these professional steamed cleaned upon vacating.

You must ensure this is booked in advance of your intended vacate date and please use our preferred cleaners.

See below for our preferred cleaners details.


Pest Control:

If you have kept pets at your property, you will also be required to have an internal and external flea and tick treatment completed at the property.

Please see below for our preferred tradesman details.


Lawn and Gardens:

If you have lawns and/or gardens at your property, these will need to be returned to the same condition as they were when you moved in. This means, if there are any plants

missing or your dog has dug holes, overgrown plants etc, these ALL must be rectified prior to you handing in your keys.

If you need assistance, please see below for our preferred tradesman details.


Repairs to Damages:

There can be damage that you may need to have repaired as well. This could be things like, you’ve used a sticky hook on the wall and when removing it, you have torn the paint.

Our preferred trades can help you fix these minor items so please see below for our preferred tradesman’s details.


Preferred Cleaners and Tradesman Details:



Name: The Clean Team

What They Do: Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Phone: 0488 444 661 | Email: info@cleanteamtownsville.com.au


Name: Dave’s Extreme Cleaning

What They Do: Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

Phone: 0408 890 924 | Email: extremecarpetclean@outlook.com


Pest Control:

Name: Tactic Pest Control

What They Do: ALL Pest Control

Phone: (07) 4725 0211 | Email:info@tacticpestcontrol.com.au


Lawn and Garden Care:

Name: Champion Lawn Care

What They Do: Lawn and garden maintenance, irrigation repairs, general repairs

Phone: 0417 779 318 | Email: champion10@internode.on.net


Step 3: Preparing to Handover the Keys

You must ensure all of your obligations are met prior to handing in your keys. Please understand, if they’re not, the owner can continue charging you rent until everything is rectified.

Before you hand in your keys, make sure you:

  • Have submitted the required documentation for vacating (see Step 1)
  • Have copies of receipts for any professional work you have had completed (cleaning, pest control etc)
  • Have checked the property using you Vacating Tenant Checklist and have cross referenced this with your Entry Condition Report and ensure everything is completed to the correct standard
  • Have scheduled with us, when you will be handing over the property and how


BEWARE: If you do not hand the property back in the correct condition, the owner will continue charging you rent until everything is done so please ensure everything is completed.


Step 4: Hand Back Your Keys

You must hand your keys back along with any receipts on or before your vacate date.

These must be handed to us in person (not just left at the property) so please ensure you have scheduled a time with us to hand everything over.


Once you have handed back your keys, this is what you can expect: 

– We will conduct your vacate inspection within 3 business days of you handing back your keys

– Once the inspection is completed, we will email you an Exit Condition Report with photos for your records


If everything is ok:

– Your bond refund request will be submitted to the RTA and you will be notified

– We will finalise your tenancy with us


If there are outstanding items to be rectified:

– These will be made aware to your on your Exit Condition Report and in our email to you

– You will be given the option to either return and rectify within 24 hours provide these are only minor and would not take more than 2-3 hours to complete OR, pay and amount to cover the cost of us having this work done on your behalf

– Once we have an agreement or outcome on the above, we will then finalise your tenancy and arrange your bond refund


Moving home can be VERY stressful so we want to do everything we can to ensure our relationship with you does not turn sour.

Please work with us by following these instructions and help us get your vacate finalised and your bond back to you within 7 business days of you handing in your keys!